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Below are our frequently asked questions, for full terms and conditions, please refer to the Gift Card Terms of Use and Gift Card Online Terms and Conditions

Myer Gift Card FAQ’s


Q. What type of Gift Cards can I purchase?

Q. Is there anything I can't use my Gift Card for?

Q. Where can the Gift Cards be used/redeemed?

Q. Can I use my Gift Card online?

Q. Can I purchase Gift Cards on behalf of a company?

Q. Can I exchange my Gift Card?

Q. Can I return or refund a Gift Card?

Q. What value can I put on a Gift Card?

Q. Can more value be added to a Gift Card?

Q. How many times can I use my Gift Card?

Q. Is there a limit on the number of Gift Cards I can use to pay for my order at checkout?

Q. Can I use a Myer Team Member Discount Card?

Q. Can I get MYER one Shopping Credits for Gift Card purchases?

Q. Is it secure to enter my credit card details?

Q. Who do I contact for customer service?



General things to know

Q. Can I purchase Myer Gift Card Personalisation in all Myer stores?

Q. When does Myer Gift Card Personalisation end?

Q. How does it work? (In-store)

Q. How does it work? (Online)

Q. What format does my image need to be in?

Q. What format does my video need to be in?

Q. Is there a size restriction?

Q. Is there additional charges to add a Video/Image to the Myer Personalised Gift Card?

Q. Can I upload an image of my family or friends?

Q. Can I see what my Personalised Image/Video looks like before I submit?

Q. How long is my Personalised Video/Image available for?

Q. What happens if Myer does not accept the Video/Image I have uploaded?

Q. Can I use more than one Video/Image Personalised Gift Card?

Q. Can I change my image?

Q. Can I cancel a Personalised Gift Card?

Q. Why am I unable to upload my Video/Image?

Q. Can I use any device or computer?

Q. Can I purchase more than one Personalised Gift Card?


Q. What is an eGift Card?

Q. Can I choose the Gift Card design?

Q. Can I add a message to the Gift Card?

Q. How will my Gift Card be presented?

Q. Can I choose when my eGift Card is sent?

Q. What form of payments are accepted online?

Q. What delivery options are available and how much will delivery cost?

Q. Can I nominate another person to receive my Gift Card order?

Q. Can I send Gift Cards to more than one address?

Q. Can I order Gift Cards from outside Australia?

Q. Can I mail Gift Cards overseas?

Q. When will my order be delivered?

Q. What is Apple Passbook?

Q. How do I download my Myer eGift Card into Apple Passbook?

Q. How do I redeem my Myer eGift Card from Passbook?

Q. How do I check the status of my order?

Q. Can I cancel my order?

Q. How do I place an order?


Q. How can I check the Gift Card balance, expiry date and transaction history?

Q. How do I get a list of transactions made with my Gift Card?

Q. Do Myer Gift Cards expire?

Q. Why has the Gift Card expiry date been extended?

Q. Why does my Gift Card still state that the expiry period is 2 years?


Q. What if a Gift Card is lost or stolen?

Q. What should I do if my Gift Card is damaged?


Q. What are the Gift Card Terms of Use?

Q. What is Myer's privacy policy?

Q. What is Myer's Returns Policy?

Version: September 2022